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In doing male enhancement comparison, it is advisable to take a look at the advice of experts. There are some who will advise that consumers take supplements rather than prescription drugs, provided that the supplements are quality ones. This is because there is a perception that supplements are made from herbal products and consumer are possibly, therefore, at less risk for the side effects that could ensue with the use of drugs that are comprised of chemicals.

Aside from pills, of course, there are other products that can be included in the male enhancement comparison. There are also male enhancement exercises that can be done using certain equipments. These exercises work more like the physical fitness programs, only the focus is on male enhancement (page: http://dfwnick13.newsvine.com/_news/2013/12/20/21984601-over-time-many-men-experience-diminished-penis-sensitivity-to-some-degree-this-loss-of-sensation-can-be-caused-by-numerous-factors-including-continual-friction-circumcision-and-certain-common-sk). They include size increase exercises, video tutorials, consultations and memberships (check out: http://dfwnick13.newsvine.com/_news/2013/12/20/21981734-penis-skin-conditions-are-a-common-complaint-many-men-seek-medical-attention-from-a-urologist-every-year-for-penis-rash-and-soreness-irritation-and-discomfort-during-or-after-masturbation-or-sex). One need only to look at the websites of these companies and make a comparison regarding the services and the products offered by each male enhancement fitness companies. This may be a viable alternative for those who do not wish to take in supplements or drugs.

There are also enhancement devices. This is different from sex toys that serve as 'extenders' for the natural contours and features of a man's body. These devices are more like what braces would be to one's teeth. One such device requires the individual to wear it for a period of time to aid in the growth of penis tissues and to possibly help increase semen volume. This may not be the best option for those who do not wish to wear an equipment for extended periods of time and may also be uncomfortable for certain people. However, it also depends on the individual whether they find it effective or not. This may be attractive for certain people because of the promise it holds of increasing penis size.

Another product that can also be considered when making male enhancement comparison is male enhancement patches. Some patches are marketed as composed of herbal substance and works by injecting the needed nutrients directly into the blood stream. It is also in a hidden area so it affords privacy and can be worn anytime at any place. The patch works by increasing the penis tissue over a period of time making it more able to trap more blood in the penis during erection.

Over all, the best male enhancement product is still chosen by the consumer. It should fit their lifestyle and must not only be effective - although this is the primary consideration - but must also be affordable and convenient for the consumer to use.

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